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Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Speech Therapy For Kids
Colorado Springs Speech Therapy For Kids



Language Disorders,
Articulation Disorders,
Social Skills,
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders,
and more

Sprout Therapy Services serves kids in Colorado Springs, CO with speech, language, articulation, fluency and social skills. We also serve kids and adults with Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders. Sprout was founded by Rikki DeGrove, MA CCC-SLP, after 10+ years of experience. Learn more here.

Some of the other speech and language conditions we help with include: receptive expressive language delays, developmental delays, language learning disabilities, and communication.


a Speech Therapist

We're Moving, and Expanding!

We're Moving, and Expanding!

We are excited to let you know that Sprout Therapy Services is moving into a new and bigger office beginning October 1st, 2017! We will also be hiring more therapists soon increasing our ability to help more kids and adults.

Our new office is conveniently located near Academy and Dublin on ...read more

How do I know if my child needs speech therapy

How do I know if my child needs speech therapy

“She'll grow out of it.”

“He's a boy; boys take longer to talk.”

“My nephew didn't talk 'til he was 3, and he's fine now!”

All children develop speech and language skills at their own pace, but when is it time to see a specialist? The answer depends on multiple factors, beginni ...read more

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