How do I know if my child needs speech therapy
From Colorado Springs, CO

Ask a Speech Therapist

Rikki DeGrove
By: Sprout Therapy Services,

“She'll grow out of it.”

“He's a boy; boys take longer to talk.”

“My nephew didn't talk 'til he was 3, and he's fine now!”

All children develop speech and language skills at their own pace, but when is it time to see a specialist? The answer depends on multiple factors, beginning with the age of your child, and the nature of your concerns as a parent or caregiver. Does your two-year old gesture and grunt more often than she uses true words to communicate? Do you have to “translate” for your four-year old when he talks to his grandparents, because he is difficult to understand?

Are you concerned because your child stutters, has difficulties with reading, struggles with social skills, or doesn't seem to understand you? These may be signs that your child needs support from a certified Speech-Language Pathologist to help improve his/her communication skills. Early detection leads to early treatment. The earlier you get help for your child, the better. Hope is here! Call us today to schedule an evaluation of your child's communication skills.

For more information on typical speech and language development, check out the American Speech-Language Hearing Association's How Does my Child Hear and Talk?