Is my Child Ready for Kindergarten
From Colorado Springs, CO

Ask a Speech Therapist

Rikki DeGrove
By: Sprout Therapy Services,

Around this time of year many parents of preschoolers are wondering, "Will my child be ready for Kindergarten next year? What can I be doing to help him/her prepare?"

Kindergarten is intended to be a transition from the home environment (or preschool, daycare, or other early learning environment) to the formal educational setting. This year-long introduction to school is designed to support children in their growth, development, and learning, and to help them to prepare for later academic achievement. It is important to understand that if your child will be attending a public school in Colorado, as long as your child meets the age requirements, you may enroll him/her in Kindergarten. This is regardless of his/her academic knowledge or skills. To find age requirements for your area, contact your local school district.

While Kindergarten classrooms across Colorado Springs are made up of students of all ability levels, supporting your child’s development in a few core areas can boost his/her ability to be comfortable in the classroom and make room for learning new skills in the school environment.

What things can parents do during the preschool years to ensure kindergarten readiness? Check out this Kinder-ready Checklist infographic: